Grid-2-Grid is a powerful, flexible CSV-to-HTML conversion utility that runs on your Windows™ desktop.

Key Features

  • Convert a single file or a batch of files
  • Link in pre-defined CSS or generate custom, grid-specific CSS
  • Add your own
  • Add content before and after the grid
  • Optional alternating row colors
  • Define a default configuration for quick reuse
  • Choose to convert all rows or only a few
  • Select fields to include (not an all-or-nothing conversion)
  • Smart column widths
  • Built-in HTML previewer
  • Live Preview option lets you see your styling in real time
    • Grid2Grid-1 Grid2Grid-1
    • Grid2Grid-2 Grid2Grid-2
    • Grid2Grid-3 Grid2Grid-3
    • Grid2Grid-4 Grid2Grid-4
    • Grid2Grid-5 Grid2Grid-5
    • Grid2Grid-6 Grid2Grid-6
    • Grid2Grid-7 Grid2Grid-7
    • Grid2Grid-8 Grid2Grid-8
    • Grid2Grid-9 Grid2Grid-9
    • Grid2Grid-10 Grid2Grid-10
    • Grid2Grid-11 Grid2Grid-11
    • Grid2Grid-12 Grid2Grid-12