Software Solutions

We develop database applications for SQL-compliant databases.

We develop commercial products and well as handle projects for clients.

We build custom websites.

We’ve been at this for about 30 years and would love to put our experience to work for you!

Commercial Packages

  • Click2Tag – A Simple Photo Cataloging Tool
  • Grid2Grid – a CSV to HTML Conversion Utility
  • GraveMan – A Cemetery Management System


Webmastering Tools

  • FAQMan – An FAQ Management System
  • Shoot-n-Share – A Photo Collection Tool for online community managers
  • Roster-izer – A Tool for Renaming Photos from a Roster


Delphi Developer Tools

  • StringLister – Quickly turns text into a TStringList (great for embedding SQL)
  • UIDoc – Build and maintain a database of application UI objects. Makes internationalizing your applications a snap!
  • Deployer+ – Tool for managing application deployment, including resources
  • DocWriter+ – Tool for managing application documentation, help authoring, and other writing projects
  • CodeMan – Tool for managing applications
  • Delphi Coding Repository